Still trying to get some money online by doing those really annoying tasks? It's time to stop!

You can get Free Bitcoins by using a simple website!
Just follow my guide and you could be earning up to $1 Daily!

  1. Go to this site and Create an account.
  2. Now Select the Open the Faucet and Start Earning Bitcoin button.
  3. Now leave it running.
  4. You can repeat these all this to earn even more coins!
Enjoy your free Bitcoins!

How you can host your own website for just $3/year!

I'm going to show you the cheapest way to host your professional website, or a personal blog for as low as $3 a year, this is a special offer, and it's not staying for long, it's best that you stay and read the full guide to make sure that you can get the best hosting price online!

Make sure that you have these before continuing:
  • Valid Email Address.
  • Domain name (Tutorial for Free Domain Names coming soon)
  • Knowledge of HTML and How Websites work.
So before we continue, I just would like to say that this is one of the best way you can promote your business or if you're into Affiliate marketing then this is a great way to promote your clients product. Now it's time to get you're hands messy with Web Hosting!

If you already have a domain name that's great, but for the people that do not have a clue what a domain name is, how to get one or need help with it, just continue with the tutorial.

A domain name is a name that points to an IP address, this is to disuse your website's true IP and to make it look a lot more tidy, it also helps website hosts as they can have more than one site at a time on a single IP by using a Service called DNS, Domain Name Service, I won't go into too much details on this as it's off topic for this post.

Please make sure you have a domain, (Tutorial for Free Domain Names coming soon).

Go to the website that you have registered your Domain name with, you should be able to change the DNS servers, however, if you don't see this option, please contact your Domain name provider to make sure that they allow you to point your domain to another website. 

Now, you will need to create a account for the $3 hosting, just go to IntelWeb's Website.and click on the $3 package, or if you like you can go for the better hosting packages that IntelWeb has.

Once you have done this you must complete all the forms that you are asked to, and you must make a payment before you're website goes live.

Need Help?
Just Comment Bellow, for support.

Getting people to come to your website is normally quite hard, it's even worse if you know nothing about Search Engine Optimization (SEO). This tutorial will teach you how to get more views on your Website, blog, or YouTube Video! Just by using this simple guide, you could be getting around 1k visits a day, and if you put advertisements on your webpage, you'll earn much more money.

If you have put advertisements on your site, be sure to check with the Advertisement company that they allow Traffic Exchange.

How Do I Get This "Free Traffic"?
Simply follow my easy guide to gain 1,000 Visits a day!
  1. Create an account at Teslahits here.
  2. Start the web viewer by going to Earn points > Start Web Viewer.
  3. Leave it running for a while.
  4. Once you've got a lot of Points, go to you Your Websites and enter your URL.
Now wait for an admin to accept your website.

Need More Traffic?
Okay, that's good, you can also Signup for another website!
  1. Create an account at Traffichive here.
  2. Download the viewer by going to Traffic Exchange > Download Viewer.
  3. Leave it running for a while.
  4. Once you've got a lot of Points, go to you Websites and enter your URL.
You'll also have to wait for an admin to accept your website.

Just started out on YouTube, but you're subscriber count isn't moving fast enough? Don't worry, there is new way to get YouTube Subscribers, and it's free!

Can I Use This To Make Money?

Yes, if you use it in the correct way, and you know what you're doing!

Do I Have To Pay For Them?
Nope, you don't have to pay a single dime!

How Do I Get These?
Simple, just follow my easy guide!

  1. Signup for Likenation.
  2. Now follow some people using your Twitter, or Subscribe to other YouTubers. 
  3. Continue to earn points.
  4. When you have at least 100 points it would be a good idea to add you're YouTube Channel into the exchange.
Once you've done this, you'll get loads of Free Subscribers.

Have a Blog, website, or really popular Social Media Page (i.e YouTube). This is a easy way to make money, all you need to do is follow this simple guide, and you'll be making extra money!

How Do I Get Started?
Just follow these steps:
  1. Create an account here.
  2. Go to Tools > Quick Link > Here you can shorten a URL, this can be anything.
  3. Now share this link via Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or YouTube.
Once people start to click on the Skip Ad button you'll start earning some money. Other ways of making money from this website is to create another website/blog, and use the Website Monetization.

What does a link look like?
The links should look something like this: http://sh.st/vJA79 

How Do I Get Paid?
This website pays you via PayPal, Payoneer, or WebMoney. 

How Much Would I Earn monthly?
You can around $0.50 - $10 a month just by sharing links!

Have you created a blog or website, but you're only earning 0.1 a month? Don't worry. You can earn more this way, all you need to do is follow my simple guide and you could be earning upto $1 - 2 a day on autopilot.

Difficultly level:   
You will need:
  • A Valid Email Address .
  • A bitcoin wallet, find out how to get one here.
  • A Website/Blog.
  • Some knowledge of HTML.


All you need to do now is follow my very simple guide.
  1. Signup for A-Ads.com
  2. Place the advertisement codes onto your Website.
Now all you have to do is leave it there! You'll get paid for Views, and you'll get paid much more when people click on your ad.

Enjoy making money :)

What is a Bitcoin?
Bitcoin is a type of digital currency where encryption techniques are used to control the generation of units of the currency and verify the transfer of funds, working independently of a central bank.

What is a Bitcoin Wallet?
A bitcoin wallet is an online wallet where you can store all of your bitcoins. 

How do I get a Bitcoin Wallet? (This is a Desktop Wallet)
Just follow my simple guide:
  1. Download Multibit.
  2. Install Multibit.
  3. Create an account, make sure to follow all of the steps that are shown on the screen.
  4. You can now receive Bitcoin and Sell Bitcoins.
You now know what a Bitcoin is, what a Bitcoin Wallet is and you also have your own Bitcoin Wallet ready to receive Bitcoins!

Need more help?
If you require more help with this tutorial or need more information, please leave a comment!  

What is Backdoor.IRCBot.Dorkbot.A Virus?

This Virus is spread normally via Online Messaging using MSN, Xchat and other Live Chats or by a USB Device. This Virus is hard to find, but if you've noticed slow internet speeds, or you've found a presence of a hidden file inside a folder, it's time to get to work because once this bad-boy is executed, it copies itself, and then the copy will also have a completely random name making it even harder to get rid of..

What should I do?

It is absolutely necessary to disconnected all USB drives and memory sticks as this virus can spread very fast round your Computer, and the USB will be it's next target. 

How do I remove this?

I have had great experience using Hyper Antivirus, the reason I would suggest you use it is because it uses hardly any of your computer's power, it's user-friendly, none of those really annoying popups or confusing messages. The best part about this peace of software is that it protects you're computer against some of the biggest Viruses and Hyper Antivirus keeps your online activity safe too by protecting your username and password from being stolen.

Just follow my simple guide to get protected!
It is Advised that you remove all other Anti-Virus Programs before installing Hyper Antivirus!
  1. Download and install Hyper Antivirus
  2.  Do a Full Scan on your Computer.

Once you've done the above steps, you should be safe and secure.

Need Support?
If you require help with this tutorial, please comment bellow with your issue.